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Plans for Lichfield Cinema Development approved

Lichfield District Council’s Planning Committee has unanimously agreed plans for a cinema in Lichfield City at a meeting of the planning committee earlier this month.

This news follows a landmark decision to approve a buy-out clause for the much-anticipated multi-screen cinema in the former Debenhams building.

The initiative, developed in partnership with Evolve Estates, marks a significant step in the revitalisation of the city centre and means that the development work can start in earnest in the new year.

Lichfield District Council Leader Councillor Doug Pullen said:

“This milestone is the result of extensive negotiations over many months with our partners. I am thrilled to launch this gateway project for the Birmingham Road Site, which, after decades of inactivity, signifies a new era for our city.

“We are committed to enhancing leisure and lifestyle opportunities in the district in line with the feedback we received during our extensive consultations with our residents. This development is just the beginning of our five-year journey to rejuvenate our city centre.

“The buyback clause gives us the expertise, support, and funding to launch the project whilst giving us the opportunity to retain the future benefits of the scheme in the district.

“People rightly have been keen to know who the new cinema operator will be. Final legal documents are now out with all parties and, upon exchange and completion, we will be able to make a shared announcement.

“I am also looking forward to being able to share news of some exciting new food and beverage brands that will be coming to Lichfield as part of the development and will give details in due course.”

Hear more from Councillor Pullen about the approval of plans for the cinema.


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