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Woolcool is revolutionising chilled packaging

An ecologically-minded packaging company is revolutionising the delivery of chilled products – with the help of Mother Nature.

As a proud UK based innovator and manufacturer, Woolcool has spent ten years pioneering the use of 100% natural wool to insulate chilled products, from food and ingredients to vaccines and medicines.

Growing concerns over the impact of climate change and the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have meant more and more business models require temperature-controlled packaging solutions that both protect their contents and are kind to the planet.

Multi award-winning Woolcool have built the scientific data to back up the ‘green’ credentials of their product range, which proves that natural wool outperforms man-made insulators such as polystyrene. Just in the last year alone, through companies choosing to switch to Woolcool’s sustainable systems, they have saved the equivalent weight of 416 Elephants of Polystyrene from going to landfill.

Woolcool has spent more than a decade creating a product range that harnesses the scientifically proven insulating properties of 100% sheep’s wool to produce ecologically-sound chilled packaging that outperforms manmade alternatives.

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Managing Director Josie Morris said: “Since we founded Woolcool more than a decade ago, we have invested millions of pounds in research, working in-house and with experts at universities including Cambridge, to fully understand the benefits of wool.

“We already knew that wool, as a 100% natural smart fibre, has impeccable environmental credentials. It is recyclable, compostable, reusable and naturally abundant. It breaks down in seawater and rots away in landfill.

“Our research proves that wool outperforms man-made insulating materials that are clogging up landfills across the globe and polluting the planet. It is also lighter and takes up less room, meaning it cuts down on the carbon footprint of a delivery chain.

“But putting the environmental benefits aside, it actually performs better than the man-made alternatives.”

The result has been a client list that includes food brands Morrisons, Abel & Cole and Innocent, and pharmaceutical names such as Baxter Healthcare, Co-op, Henry Schein and the NHS.

Woolcool’s team boasts more than 40 years’ experience, providing the expertise needed to advise an influx of enquiries from firms seeking a sustainable way to deliver their produce.

“We like to build a partnership with customers, using our expertise to advise and support them, but above all listening to what they want for their product,” Josie said. “The key to delivering chilled goods is to never let a customer down, and we have always had the attitude that we will go the extra mile for a partner.”

That attitude has resulted in an array of sustainability awards for Woolcool, as well as Royal recognition in the form of a Queen’s Award for Industry, for Innovation – perhaps the greatest accolade a UK business can get.

Woolcool is also the first UK packaging company of its kind to gain B-Corp status, joining a worldwide community of firms who have pledged to put social and environmental impact on the same level as profitability.


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